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Modeling tool and process quality management

Globalliance’s team of experts offers a range of consulting services to suit your requirements, based on your processes, oriented towards human resources and related to your norm or standard implementation projects:


From a methodological point of view, we apply a systemic management approach to know-how:

  • Definition of the objective
  • Identification of knowledge
  • Modelling of an independent structure
  • Training on processes
  • Control of representativeness

Thus, our consulting and other services provide your company with an external expert view of all your optimized processes.

modelisation de processus


gestion de projet

Within each organization, the main challenge lies in achieving objectives, sales. The difficulty is to achieve them as suitably and as efficiently as possible.

It is necessary to define specific objectives, a strict project schedule and meticulous monitoring to ensure that these projects are part of a sound, necessary management process.

We therefore provide our most experienced analysts in order to identify needs and to provide support to organizations for their improvement, optimization and change management initiatives.


It is always a good idea for an organization to comply with a recognized norm. Whether it is to establish a tried and tested framework, to promote a symbol of recognition shared by the best companies or simply to adopt a structure according to an international standard, the advice of qualified experts is a necessity.

We have an adapted, realistic approach to ISO 9001 (quality) or 14001 (environment), OSHAS 18001 (health & safety) and AWS (welding) norms. We can also coordinate the implementation of other norms, such as SOX or BAL2, or facilitate your IT development, which may include ITIL and COBIT norms, for example.


optimisation du capital humain

In order to assist companies with the development and optimal management of their human resources, we can:

  • Develop or optimize job or skill profiles
  • Draft and set up a productivity evaluation and performance assessment system
  • Design tools and processes for personnel induction, integration, retention and communication

  • Advise our clients regarding their vision of organizational and strategic development
  • Encourage and optimize the knowledge transmission system
  • Organize the management of organizational change in HR
  • Ensure human resource management for our clients: recruitment and selection of employees, management of pay systems, productivity evaluation, development of job or skill profiles, etc.